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Story Idea

So I have this idea for a Zack/Hodgins story that I would just love to write but have absolutely no time to do anything other than work on homework, so I was wondering if anyone would like to write it? It would make me very happy :) lol! I just love this pairing so much but there doesn't seem to be enough fanfic and I have all these ideas that I have no time to write. So if anyone is interested, just leave a comment or message me and I'll tell you what my idea is and you can decide if it's a good idea or a completely horrible one. I'd give details on here but I don't wanna give anything away just in case. Really hope somebody picks it up :D


Like a half remembered dream

 Title: Like a half-remembered dream...
Pairing: Jack/Zack (JZack?)
rating: err, nc-17
wc: 2,500 ~
disclaimer: these lovely boys are property of Hart Hanson & Fox. 
Note: This is a story in itself, but I feel like it could go further. Will write more for comments! 
Summary: Having never really thought about Hodgins and Zack together before, as I rewatched the first few episodes the other day I started to notice a whole lot of delicious subtext . . . this fic is based around their interactions in 1x02 “The man in the SUV” & includes the scenes that we don’t see on-screen ;) (the ones they might show on HBO.)

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Title - Christmas Feelings
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~2000
Summary -  Hodgins discovers something interesting about Zack during Christmas lockdown. Way interesting.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine. 
Warnings - spoilers for 1.09, The Man in The Fallout Shelter, slashiness
Author's Note - I wanted to get back to the silly, geeky post-Zack leaving vibe that our two crazy scientists had going for them back in season one. ;]

part 1/1

JackZACK ficlets

I keep coming back to these guys. ;]

Title - Lights Out
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~550
Summary - Joking, Hodgins' had called it Zack's 'Saniversary'.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine.
Warnings - spoilers, fluff

Title - Shrink
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~1000
Summary - “Ok, Hodgins, focus. You’re obviously trying to deflect to avoid the issue, but that’s alright. I understand that that’s a technique you’ve developed to distract yourself from deep-seated emotions that you would rather not deal with, but we-“ “What am I now, a ninja?” Sweets helps Hodgins with a... problem.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine.
Warnings - spoilers

both right over here

Lights Out


Title-Lights Out
Disclaimer: They are not mine, Zack and Hodgins belong to their owners, even if everyone knows that they should belong to each other.
Summary: Power goes out while Zack is watching a sci-fi show with Hodgins (extra points if you can name the show!) when the power goes out.

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Not Far Enough - part 1/1

Title - Not Far Enough
Pairings - JackZack (Bones)
Rating - PG-13
Word Count - 6,311
Summary - Zack's out of the loony bin. Hodgins is in Montana. But he's soon to find out that he can never be far enough away.
Disclaimer - These oblivious guys don't belong to me and never will. Probably for the best. I'd rather not have Bones turning into Breakback Mountain.
Spoilers -  up to 3.15. takes place some time after the Gormogon arc. doesn't follow the current storyline.
Warnings - possible spoilers
Author's Note - I'm definitely happy to find this place and know I'm really not the only one who loves these two. <3 This thing is my baby, and I have another possibly longer story in the works right now. I'll post that up here when I'm finished. =)

part 1/1

May. 30th, 2010

Title: Night on the Town
Pairing: Zack/Jack friendship and hints of romance
Rating: PG-13
Words: Around 5,500
Spoilers: Up to early Season 2
Warning: Minor suggestive adult themes, Zack/Jack bickering
Summary: Hodgins drags Zack with him to a fundraiser to meet up with two old friends he hasn't seen for seven years.

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The Aftermath

Title: The Aftermath
Author: cwgirlup75 
Rating: T
Pairing: Zack/Hodgins
Spoilers: 'Aliens in a Spaceship'
Summary: Hodgins realizes who he really wants.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Jack Hodgins and Zack Addy belong to TJ Thyne and Eric Millegan, respectively. Hart Hanson, of course, owns it all.

Reviews are my crack. Please feed my habit :)
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His True Master

Title: His True Master
Author: cwgirlup75 
Rating: M
Pairing: Zack/?
Spoilers: none
Summary: Zack has desires that only one person knows.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Hart Hanson owns it all.
A/N: Big time kink. Don't like it, don't read. You have been warned. (PS: The identity of Zack's master is at the end of this fic.) Reviews are my crack. Please feed my habit.

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The Phone Call

Title: The Phone Call
Author: cwgirlup75 
Rating: T
Pairing: Zack/Hodgins
Spoilers: none
Summary: An early morning phone call changes plans.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Jack Hodgins and Zack Addy belong to TJ Thyne and Eric Millegan, respectively. Hart Hanson, of course, owns it all.

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