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Story Idea

So I have this idea for a Zack/Hodgins story that I would just love to write but have absolutely no time to do anything other than work on homework, so I was wondering if anyone would like to write it? It would make me very happy :) lol! I just love this pairing so much but there doesn't seem to be enough fanfic and I have all these ideas that I have no time to write. So if anyone is interested, just leave a comment or message me and I'll tell you what my idea is and you can decide if it's a good idea or a completely horrible one. I'd give details on here but I don't wanna give anything away just in case. Really hope somebody picks it up :D


Like a half remembered dream

 Title: Like a half-remembered dream...
Pairing: Jack/Zack (JZack?)
rating: err, nc-17
wc: 2,500 ~
disclaimer: these lovely boys are property of Hart Hanson & Fox. 
Note: This is a story in itself, but I feel like it could go further. Will write more for comments! 
Summary: Having never really thought about Hodgins and Zack together before, as I rewatched the first few episodes the other day I started to notice a whole lot of delicious subtext . . . this fic is based around their interactions in 1x02 “The man in the SUV” & includes the scenes that we don’t see on-screen ;) (the ones they might show on HBO.)

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Title - Christmas Feelings
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~2000
Summary -  Hodgins discovers something interesting about Zack during Christmas lockdown. Way interesting.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine. 
Warnings - spoilers for 1.09, The Man in The Fallout Shelter, slashiness
Author's Note - I wanted to get back to the silly, geeky post-Zack leaving vibe that our two crazy scientists had going for them back in season one. ;]

part 1/1

JackZACK ficlets

I keep coming back to these guys. ;]

Title - Lights Out
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~550
Summary - Joking, Hodgins' had called it Zack's 'Saniversary'.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine.
Warnings - spoilers, fluff

Title - Shrink
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Word Count - ~1000
Summary - “Ok, Hodgins, focus. You’re obviously trying to deflect to avoid the issue, but that’s alright. I understand that that’s a technique you’ve developed to distract yourself from deep-seated emotions that you would rather not deal with, but we-“ “What am I now, a ninja?” Sweets helps Hodgins with a... problem.
Disclaimer - These boys aren't mine. Bones isn't mine.
Warnings - spoilers

both right over here

Lights Out


Title-Lights Out
Disclaimer: They are not mine, Zack and Hodgins belong to their owners, even if everyone knows that they should belong to each other.
Summary: Power goes out while Zack is watching a sci-fi show with Hodgins (extra points if you can name the show!) when the power goes out.

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Not Far Enough - part 1/1

Title - Not Far Enough
Pairings - JackZack (Bones)
Rating - PG-13
Word Count - 6,311
Summary - Zack's out of the loony bin. Hodgins is in Montana. But he's soon to find out that he can never be far enough away.
Disclaimer - These oblivious guys don't belong to me and never will. Probably for the best. I'd rather not have Bones turning into Breakback Mountain.
Spoilers -  up to 3.15. takes place some time after the Gormogon arc. doesn't follow the current storyline.
Warnings - possible spoilers
Author's Note - I'm definitely happy to find this place and know I'm really not the only one who loves these two. <3 This thing is my baby, and I have another possibly longer story in the works right now. I'll post that up here when I'm finished. =)

part 1/1

May. 30th, 2010

Title: Night on the Town
Pairing: Zack/Jack friendship and hints of romance
Rating: PG-13
Words: Around 5,500
Spoilers: Up to early Season 2
Warning: Minor suggestive adult themes, Zack/Jack bickering
Summary: Hodgins drags Zack with him to a fundraiser to meet up with two old friends he hasn't seen for seven years.

At my LJ: greytuneff.livejournal.com/1172.html#cutid1

Finding Out the Hard way

Title: Finding Out the Hard Way
Pairings: Zack/Hodgins, no other pairings
Raiting: Teen to be safe
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.
Summary: While bored at the lab, Booth discoveres a little too much about his co-workers.

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It's A Zack (And Hodgins) Attack! :3

Hello there!  My name's Lynn and I've shipped Zack / Hodgins practically since the pilot (oh, how I miss the pre-Hodgins / Angela days...).  I've decided to go cross-post all my Zack / Hodgins fanfics here.

Also, if anyone has requests, I'm willing to take them when I have the time. :D

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Yay! We are up and running, well, limping!

Okay, I am here!

I created this community because I love a lot of slash pairings in Bones, but Zack/Hodgins is my favorite and I had difficulty finding them. There were other posts asking for links to good Zack/Hodgins fanfics, so apparently I'm not the only one!

It is functional, but it isnt very pretty right now. Just so you are aware, my only image editing software is MS Paint, and I would greatly appreciate help that anyone has to offer in making this place beautiful. I know that some people churn out amazing icons and people that can make beautiful themes, but I am not one of them!

So post, read a story (in a day or two once there is one posted), be merry!